Three years ago, I set out to heal myself from obesity, fatigue, body pain and general discomfort. Along the journey, I realized that everything about my life-my relationships, my emotional well-being, and my spiritual growth were connected to my health. I discovered that the key to living my purpose was being as healthy as possible. I also discovered that the unhealthy state I found myself in from years of emotional eating, physical inactivity, and stress was a contributing factor to the unsatisfying relationships I often experienced with others.

Whether engaged with family, co-workers, a love interest, associates, or friends, it became clear to me that how I responded to situations and circumstances arising from these relationships was rooted in how I felt about myself. The unhealthier I became, the less tolerant and more easily agitated I became as well. As I grew healthier, however, fewer and fewer things seemed to bother me. Even insults or abrasive behaviors from strangers seemed to just roll off my shoulders. I attribute this change to the direct sense of peace I was beginning to experience within.

Over the course of healing and doing the necessary self-worth that leads to growth, I discovered three important things about life as a daughter of the Most High. They were to love myself; to understand that being alone is not the same as being lonely; and, to learn the importance of sitting still.

First Love Thy Self

The most sacred relationship of all is the one that we have with ourselves. As daughters of the Most High is it important to remember that we must love and be good to ourselves so that we can have the strength to pour love into others. It’s like the flight attendant says as the plane takes off, “…in an emergency put the oxygen mask over your own face first!”

This is logical. We should not expect to save others if we cannot breathe ourselves.

Alone Not Lonely

Being single is not a curse it is an opportunity. Try to harness the period of time in singleness to develop yourself. Find out who you are. How you have grown over the last couple of years. Discover new interests and hobbies. But most importantly, take some time to self reflect, then based on the insight you receive begin to work on self development of the spirit, mind and body. Always set goals and work on them.

Sit Still

Being able to sit still allows you to listen to the small still voice of the divine that seeks to realign you to your life purpose. But if we constantly have noise around us, it is virtually impossible to hear it. Try to meditate 20 minutes a day to settle into the calm, peaceful woman within who needs to be nourished, supported and healed. The rewards for doing so are many.

Here To Assist You…

If you need help with getting to a state of divine health, finding your purpose, or living a healthier life through eating a plant-based diet, juicing, intermittent fasting, or understanding weight loss, contact me here.

This is the work I am here to do, and I love it!

Until that time daughters of the Most High, I wish you peace and blessings on your journey toward a state of divine health!

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