Sometimes Raw, Sometimes Cooked, Always Divinely Prepared: 21 Vegan Dishes to Inspire Daughters of the Most High to Eat Healthy


From this day forward, eating a plant-based diet can be easier. Author, speaker and personal health coach, Sheila Brown has written a cookbook full of tasty, life-affirming recipes that will cause many sisters to wonder why they haven’t eaten like this before now. Her plant-based, gluten-free, nutrient-dense recipes are packed with flavor!This book is an investment. It can save you potentially hundreds of dollars a year on your grocery bill with one simple household ingredient (that’s probably in your kitchen right now). You’ll learn how to remove up to 96% of the pesky pesticides commonly associated with conventionally grown vegetables. More importantly, you’ll discover the science to making “divinely-prepared” meals that will satisfy both the physical and spiritual aspects of your hunger.

Your Guide to Fitness and Nutrition through Vegan Soul Food

Are you tired of eating bland salads and keeping up with strenuous workout routines that leave you exhausted and hating your body even more? The internet and media would have you believe that starving yourself and exercising until your bones hurt is the best way to lose weight. They’ll make you think that losing weight is the answer to self-acceptance and self-love. But it’s not.

Self-love is all about being one with your mind and body. On my journey to healthy living, I’ve realized that the key to living your best life is eating clean through plant-based cooking.

If you want to overcome emotional eating to transform your body and mind, my healthy recipe book will help start your journey to attain spiritual balance.

My soul food vegan cookbook has a variety of plant-based recipes like the delicious collard green soup recipe to help you with fitness and nutrition.

My healthy eating recipe book can help you overcome your anxieties and cultivate a healthy relationship with your body through plant-based cooking. So, place an order for your very own copy of the best healthy eating recipe book, and you’ll never look back!

Start Your Journey to Healthy Living with Health Book for Black Women

The health needs of Black women have been overlooked for far too long. The increased sexualization of Black women bodies combined with the ostracization based on our looks has gone on for decades. The aspiration to European beauty standards, which are often discriminatory, has ingrained a sense of discomfort in Black women about their own bodies—taking a toll on their physical and mental health, but not anymore.

After struggling with my weight and looks for years, I’ve realized that the path to healthy living, a sound mind, and self-love is through healthy living with a plant-based diet.

With my Black women’s health book, I’m on a mission to create a mindset shift in Black women that allows them to achieve optimal mental, spiritual, and physical health.

My healthy recipe book will help you break your unhealthy relationship with food, overcome emotional eating, and take the first step to overcome anxieties associated with body image issues.

My soul food vegan cookbook has a variety of plant-based recipes like the mouthwatering collard green soup recipe to help you with fitness and nutrition. Place an order for my healthy eating recipe book and start your plant-based diet with delicious and easy recipes today!