My name is Sheila Brown, and I am a healthy eating coach and a daughter of the Most High.

In spring 2016, I’d reached a pivotal crossroads in my life. I weighed 300 lbs. and felt on the verge of a heart attack. I was constantly in pain, short of breath, and physically and mentally exhausted. I didn’t feel good in anything I wore and, as a result, thought I was unattractive and avoided going out—until I started my journey, which eventually led me to become a healthy eating and weight loss coach.

I was miserable.

One day I received a message from God that set me on a different path. I found value, purpose and direction. I began treating my body as God’s gift to be cherished and honored as a sacred temple. I saw it as a machine entrusted to me to achieve my mission, and I knew then that to accomplish the goals I’d realized, I would have to start properly caring for and maintaining my body while I still had time. This created a timeline and set me on a journey that includes Divinity Soup and this website.

My mindset shift significantly impacted everything I did, starting with grooming, diet, and physical fitness. Along my journey I had to overcome obesity and adverse health conditions to win my uphill battle.

As a daughter of the Most High…

I believe I have a right to experience a state of divine health.

Divine health is the state of being in excellent physical condition, possessing a sound mind, and experiencing spiritual balance. I hope you will join me on the journey.

I absolutely love Sheila Brown! She speaks the truth and her book will change lives and lifestyles! Awesome! Looking forward to more inspiring & informing ancestor insights and recipes!

Jalannia S., Maryland

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Professional Bio

A passionate motivator, Sheila takes listeners on her intense journey with her weight loss struggles and triumphs. Confronting her own issues with food and spirituality forced her to address the anxieties and issues she had in her own life. Sheila speaks to women of African descent, helping them to identity and address their own anxieties and issues associated with food and their bodies.

Her e-book, Divinity Soup: An Ancestor-Inspired Recipe Starring Collard Greens, is the first in a line of recipe books focusing on the connection between healthy food and spirituality.

In addition to cooking and writing, Sheila also enjoy being a mother, lawyer, speaker, health coach, and personal strategic planner.

Sheila has consulted with CEOs and executive teams to develop multi-year strategic plans. Today, she uses those skills to empower all African women, as daughters of the Most High, develop pathways to divine health and navigate the threats and opportunities that are present along the way. She also helps black women devise their own personal strategic health plans, coaching them toward lifelong journeys of healing and optimum physical health by removing negative eating habits and behaviors.

Sheila plans to share her journey and motivate other Black women and families incorporate a plant-based diet into their lives. Through speaking, workshops, 1-on-1 intensives, group coaching, and products, she wants to empower them to take control of their bodies.

Signature Talks

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  • Divine Health
  • Divine Relationships
  • Divine Parenting
  • Divine Wealth & Resourcefulness
  • How and Why to Develop a Personal Strategic & Health Plan

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