Women consider many things when making that infamously long list of traits they desire in a man. While you can expect to find a man’s financial worth, attractiveness, and accomplishments at the top of that list, there is another approach to evaluating a man’s potential worthiness, and even his readiness for a relationship.

This is especially important for the the daughters of the Most High to consider. Take a look at the following criteria to see if they resonate with you or make your list. Remember, these are just meant as a guide so feel free to add or otherwise modify them to suit your needs and desires. Whether your agree or disagree, please share your ideas in the comments…


Finding an attractive man is important to many of us as women. But, we must challenge ourselves to look beyond the flesh to get a deeper understanding of a man’s true character. After all, there is no amount of attractiveness in the world to compensate for a low degree of morality, hygiene, manners, and self-respect in a man.


Being single is not a curse it is an opportunity to find your purpose. In the same vein, nothing is more attractive than a man who knows where he is headed. Except a man headed somewhere uplifting with a strategic plan for getting there! This is especially true if a man identifies himself as being a son of the Most High and is actively engaged in the divine work of healing our broken community at some level.


When we have an opportunity to connect with a King who wants to do something divine in the world like help develop and improve his people, he is irresistible for all the right reasons. Therefore, it is imperative that he be well-prepared to stay the course and not fall for any distractions. Meaning, does he possess the kind of discipline and self-control needed to resist offers of sex, money, and other material things that do not align with his life purpose? If the answer is yes, then he is worth his weight in gold. But ladies, it is important to do our own self-work to make sure that we do not become the distraction that derails him from his life work.


The most important aspect of a man is not his net worth, attractiveness, goals, or even his ability to manage his emotions. It is the strength of his relationship with the Most High. A King who knows he is made in the image and likeness of the Most High is invaluable. To find a man who not only identifies himself as the son of the Most High, but exemplifies the life of one is priceless.

A man who prays, fasts, meditates and seeks the face of the one who is greater than he-the Most High-is incredible!
He is a special gift; a firm rock and solid foundation upon which a daughter of the Most High can strive with to build a powerful household. But, this kind of King is entitled to have a woman who can meet him at the same level mentally, spiritually, and physically. This is needed for both parties to fulfill the Creator’s divine purpose in their lives, and everything else worthy of pursuit in life.

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