Women of African Descent (WOAD) are bombarded with negative images through television shows, movies, music videos, and of course news reports from mainstream media. Sometimes these platforms depict WOAD as superficial, ignorant, materialistic or immoral. Other times we are painted  as physically undesirable-or the exact opposite, when we are portrayed as video vixens with no sexual boundaries, self-respect or modesty. Seldom are we shown engaging in healthy, respectful relationships with our spouses, sister-friends, or significant others.

To combat these messages, I have developed a powerful, life-affirming visual that reminds me of just how special I am, as a daughter of the Most High. So, I call it a Divine Health Manifesto

My divine health manifesto is personal, poignant and beautiful. It contains many important statements of belief that I hold about myself and also shows exactly how I perceive my life to be from a perspective rooted in my divinity. It starts with my relationship with the Most High, and from there lists all the things I do to sustain myself as I proceed on my journey to a state of divine health. My divine health manifesto is placed strategically around my home so that even when I am not intentionally reading it, it’s working at a subconscious level to keep me grounded in my highest purpose and power.

Take a look at my Divine Health Manifesto here and contact me to learn how I can help you create one for yourself.

As a daughter of the Most High, you too have a right to excellent physical health. You have a right to experience a sound, peaceful mind. You also have a right to enjoy spiritual balance at all times and at any age or stage of your life. But remember we, WOAD, alone are responsible for creating this reality for ourselves.

It is wise to use your own divine health manifesto to start or boost the process for positive self-affirmation.

The women who participate in my three or six-month Divine Health program will be guided through life-affirming exercises that are designed to help them develop their own powerful set of purpose statements and to create a visually stunning divine health manifesto of their own. It will help them stay grounded, focused and determined to achieve their health goals. If you consider joining us, I am confident you will experience some of the best health outcomes of your life.

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