A woman of African descent who is also a mother holds a very important place in society. Though she sometimes finds herself caring for, and rearing children alone, she must never regret her decision to become a mother; rather, she must relish in it.

A mother of African descent (“MOAD”) is in many ways similar to a bridge. Her body connects future generations to past generations through her life-giving womb. But what I propose here, is that she does something just as important as giving birth to a child when she communicates special kinds of information to that child . In fact, the conveyance of her genetic, cultural, and spiritual information makes the woman of African descent powerful to some people and dangerous to others. This may also explain why her body’s divine capabilities are constantly under attack.

Genetic information

A MOAD has within her body, divine information in the form of genetic material. Right in her DNA rests the living dreams, unfulfilled hopes, and highest aspirations of a nation of people.

Cultural information

In the recesses of her mind, a MOAD carries the collective memories and cultural methods of her ancestors. She taps freely into the same abundant well that sourced the divine womanhood and wisdom of Queen mothers in the vein of Betty Shabazz, Ida B Wells, Maggie Lena Walker, Harriet Tubman, Harriet Jacobs, Coretta Scott King, Amy Jacques Garvey, and Fannie Lou Hamer.

Spiritual information

In her spiritual maturity, A MOAD knows the act of procreation is a sacred connection between a male and female. And so she recognizes that the father of her child is just as important as she is to the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of the life they bore together. Therefore, she instills into the mind of the child the wise proverb: “honor thy mother and thy father so that thy days may be long.”

In sum, a MOAD is the embodiment of divine information as a daughter of the Most High. She is sacred for her power, willingness and desire to bear children-upholding the sacredness and continuity of life. May her womb be the safest place on earth.

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