Reset the Body

Embarking on a long term juice fast, one that lasts for 21, 30 or 60 days, has enormous physical, mental and spiritual benefits. The process gives your whole body an opportunity to reset-back to zero-with your digestive system getting the biggest physical benefit delivered to it!

To understand how this works, think of your body as a juicer for a moment. A juicer, like your body in this context, is a machine. It extracts vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from fruit and vegetables in the form of juice leaving the indigestible fibrous pulp behind. In a similar vein, the human body also juices the food it receives. This “juicing” begins in the mouth when we chew. Saliva mixes with food to break it into easy to swallow pieces that travel down the throat into the esophagus before entering the stomach. The stomach uses powerful enzymes and acids to further break the food down into a liquid or paste. This paste moves into the small intestine, which is a long tube that uses enzymes from the pancreas and bile from the liver, in continuation of breaking down food to a level where nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream.

A 60-day juice fast enables your body to bypass these steps and conserve energy. During this period of rest, you can benefit from all the life-giving power of plants without expending a lot of energy trying to digest them. Your digestive system gets a needed, and well-deserved break, your cells repair themselves, and your body restores to health. You will feel energized, brilliant and completely alive and this is all due to the healing power of plants!

Relax the Mind

While the body resets itself, energy flows to the brain and helps the mind relax. This high mental state results in an awareness of the divine power within us and begins to manifest itself through divine thoughts, creativity and deeds. Goals will surface, ideas will flow seamlessly to you, and your life’s purpose will crystallize-all of which will move you to take positive action.

Restore the Spirit

It is also the right time in life to realign yourself with the Creator. The presence of the Most High will be felt, by way of prayer, meditations and good deeds. You should harness the stillness of your mind to reflect on all you have survived. It is a time to re-devote yourself as a daughter of the Most High. When you do this, your time, energy and resources are restored.

Learn more about the power of long-term juice fasting NOW to position yourself for a better life by embarking on a journey to divine health.

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