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Are you looking to make a change?
Do you want to inspire someone you love to get healthy the natural way?
Are you a mother struggling to raise your son or daughter alone?

You are at the right place on purpose. Let me share with you all the tools I’ve gathered while building a life of a resilience, health and divine purpose as a mother, a conscious sister, woman of African descent, and a daughter of the Most High with my Divine Health Program or Sankofa Rising Courses.

Divine Health Program Overview

about the divine health program

Get ready to change your life one plate of food at time! Yes, with the Journey To Divine Health Program, you will develop a 2-year strategic plan, acquire life-affirming skills, make a mindset shift, and establish your own health goals. You will master your emotional body and gain courage, resolve and discipline necessary to lose weight, detox, and stay on your journey well after the 2 year plan.

As  WOAD, much is expected is expected of us. We are faced with many challenges in this life as we seek to regain control over our health. I know, because I too, had to overcome them. It wasn’t easy.

You may know I overcame chronic obesity-naturally and in the process I eliminated related health issues that often accompany being sedentary  and so overweight. I shed 130 pounds in just 15 months. I regained control of my life. Guess what? You can too!

I want to share with you all the tools, spiritual insights, and processes that I developed over the course of journey to empower you to achieve your divine health goals. So let the journey begin!


Tools we will employ along the journey include, but are not limited to:

  • A 60 day juice fast
  • Plant-based foods
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Motivational Tools
  • Prayer & Meditation
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Sankofa Rising Program

Sankofa Rising Institute is an online program that addresses the aspect of Divine Health that deals with the relationships that women of African descent (WOAD) have in connection to their family, community, and God. “African” is an inclusive term that refers to all black women throughout the diaspora. The program components are found below.

Divine Parenting Overview

It is challenging to be a mom, but becoming a single mom is even more difficult. Divine parenting is needed to ensure that we as mothers maintain supremacy in the fight with the media and society over the hearts and minds of our sons and daughters. We have to balance our need for financial security with the imperative that also protect them while instilling values, principles and a high code of morality into them.

My tested parenting strategies, incorporate spiritual, cultural and behavioral systems, as well as, responsible disciplinary guidelines that help transform children into competent young adults.

Program Outline

The Many Roles of Sankofa Rising Moms
i. Mother Educator
ii. Mother Spiritual Guide
iii. Mother Cultural Continuity
iv. Mother Financial & Legal Adviser
v. Mother Healer & Nutritional Provider
vi. Mother Life Coach
vii. Mother Strategic Planner

Divine Relationship Overview

Divine relationships are critical to achieving a state of divine health. This is because WOAD don’t exist in a vacuum. We are directly connected to the relationships we have with men of African Descent. As husbands, lovers, life partners, fathers or co-parents and friends, black men have a positive, supportive role to play in our lives. So choosing the right person to build your life is vitally important.

Once we have sown seeds of change within ourselves, we can become optimistic and open to love. But this in the meantime is a powerful period in our life. Let me help you understand why you should take advantage of this time by beginning to get to know yourself, God and discover your purpose. All else will fall properly into place.

Program Outline

i. Date Wisely
ii. Know Yourself
iii. How to Avoid The Wrong Man
iv. Align Your Values to Actions
v. Be patient

Divine Wealth & Resources Overview

It is incumbent that WOAD work towards collective financial independence by focusing on economic development,  cooperatives, entrepreneurship, and personal stewardship. I believe science, technology and business-formation skills are needed to prepare our youth and ourselves to compete in the world.

A core component of my Divine Wealth program is training to develop business acumen, understand group-based economics, teach cooperative economics, and exercise race-first wealth principles.

Through online classes, workshops, and community forums, Sankofa Rising Institute seeks to establish a culture of entrepreneurship , create a system for wealth transfer, estate planning, and forge strategic partnerships within the African community and throughout the diaspora.

Program Outline

i. Entrepreneurship Basis
ii. Mechanics of a Business Plan
iii. How to Start an Online Business
iv. Business Management
v. & More

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