Divinity Soup 101

This WorQshop teaches Queens the art and science of divine meal preparation. Through experiential learning, our Queens will learn how to use the earth’s gifts to prepare sustenance for herself and her Queendom.
In this worQshop, you will prepare a delicious pot of Divinity Soup for your personal consumption and take away the rest!
Enjoy the joys of community learning, dining, and divine fellowship through this Qooking Qlass. Jumpstart your holistic health, mindfulness, and wellness journey here.

Water of the Sun Quisine Qourse

In this QookingQlass, our Queens will learn the art of juicing powerful greens that have high nutrient density.
This will support the cellular qleanse, repair, and rejuvenate her for the Journey to Divine Health!
As a Queen, knowing the art of extracting the life-giving properties of the sun from the right plants is a vital life skill.
Green, leafy vegetables, certain fruits, and other plants are explored in this powerful worQshop!

Raw Meals 102

In this innovative worQshop, Queens will learn the art of preparing raw food.
Being one with nature requires appreciating the sustenance that comes from the earth. A Queen that is one with the fruits of nature is able to enjoy balance and strength of the mind, body, and soul.
You’ll prepare a raw entrée, snack, and dessert that will be enjoyed in a unique dining experience with your fellow Queens.
All the recipes used in this Qooking Qlass will be from Sometimes Raw, Sometimes Cooked, Always Divinely Prepared

Divinely Prepared Meals

Queendom Quisine Qooking Qlass

True healing comes from within. Every Queen needs a healthy, balanced intake of nutritious foods to give her the strength she needs to fulfill her divine purpose.

Divine Health isn’t just about being in your prime physical condition, it also includes balanced mental and spiritual wellness.

Breaking away from your unhealthy cycles can be difficult; that’s why we help Queens overcome their issues with their bodies and food to achieve their goals.

Using the ancestral wisdom and family traditions that guide our Divine Journey, our Queens can begin to bring changes in their

Queendom—from within!