Divine Health is a Birthright!

But Still Queen. You’ve Got to Work for it.  Let’s Work Together! Claim It Now!

Which of these will help you with where you are at right now?

1:1 Single Session 60 Min Coaching
If you need a supportive, compassionate friend to help you identify your strengths and weakness, create an accountable environment, and hold you to the divine health standards you intend for your best life, this is perfect for you

This program puts you in control. You get to decide how much engagement and support you need without any pressure or obligations.

Take what you need and grow!

If you are experiencing any roadblocks when it comes to desginig your divine health plan take this time to clear the way.

Whether its meal prep, fasting, switching to a plant based lifestyle or detoxification, I am here to guide you. No question or concern is off limit when it comes to weight loss and divine health. Take my 10+ years of experience and get my divine insight in this  hour session.

Comprehensive Divine Health Coaching

If you’re a woman looking for total transformation of body, mind and sipirit for the fulfillment of your purpose, bring me on as your divine life strategist choach.

Over the 4 months you’ll…

– Create Your Personal Divine Life Plan

– Acquire Life Affirming Skills

– Develop a Divine Health Mindset Shift

– Establish SMART Health Goals

– Master Your Emotional Body

– Acquire the courage, discipline & resolve necessary to achieve “STICKWITHITNESS”

-Connect the links between the experience that leads to Divine Health and the path to Divine Purpose

Investment: $3,000

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