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Overcome Emotional Eating in 21 Days

Are You Ready For A Major Paradigm Shift?

We’ve Created Something Life Transforming Just For You!

It’s a course so powerful that, upon completion, a woman will emerge with the ability to walk into a restaurant, sit down with a group of friends, order a glass of sparkling water, and enjoy, laugh, and talk with them while they feast on a delectable selection of food, without consuming a single bite of it herself. What a profound skill set to have!

Can you imagine the kind of self-control that would take?

Do you know the level of spiritual conviction required to do that?

What mental stamina she would have to possess?

Are You Ready For A Major Paradigm Shift?

We’ve Created Something Life Transforming Just For You!

As a  Queen, you need exercise dominion over your body, possess power over your mind, have sovereignty over your spirit, and maintain control over your emotions.

Ultimate Goal Of The Program

Walk away feeling confident in your ability to implement the strategies, exercise the skills, and employ the divine principles necessary for you to overcome emotional eating. Conquer cravings, avoid traps, and recognize the triggers that make you feel powerless to control yourself around food. Identify the prompts in your environment that commercial food operators employ to derail you from goals and redirect your attention toward fast food products.

Helping You Find Success With Overcoming Emotional Eating

I’ll take a select number of women with me on a journey of a lifetime with this innovative, exciting, new powerful course…


S. Frenchie

“On my Journey to Divine Health I’ve learned more about my eating habits than I ever have before. There is a light that has been turned on within that will never be turned off and my life will never be the same. In just the 21-day challenge, half of the fluid retention in my legs is gone, my stomach is smaller, my appetite has reduced, and I am so aware of my spontaneous eating habits.”


G. Johnson

“Sheila Brown’s How to Overcome Emotional Eating course is like no other such course I have ever taken. What I found most fascinating is how she used a historical context (from slavery to the present day) to help me “over-stand” the reasons for how we as Black people eat today. The mechanics of the food and medical industries and how they contribute to unhealthy eating was a real eye-opener. Through this course, I discovered my food story as well as identifying my values and how truly embodying them leads to emotional and spiritual growth. The 21-day immersion let me put all this knowledge into practice with the support of my fellow sisters taking the course. Ms. Brown’s passion for helping Black people to lead healthier lives is uplifting and fueled my motivation to succeed. This course was well worth the investment.”


D. L

“Sheila Brown’s How to Overcome Emotional Eating course has changed my relationship with food forever! She brilliantly incorporated historical context regarding how our Ancestors survived starvation and other food maltreatment during slavery. She focused on the opposite extreme (obesity) Black women are currently enduring. The wealth of knowledge Ms. Brown poured into this course has encouraged me to use food as energy and not entertainment. Since taking the course, my clothes fit better, my skin is clearer, and I have more energy. This this was the best financial investment of my life.”

How Do I know If this QOURSE is Right For Me?

Before I get into the mechanics of my course, I have to be completely transparent with you. I’ve had my share of challenges with food and with emotional eating. I used to be a slave to the sight, smell, and taste of food. The mere presence of food meant it was time for me to eat. I had absolutely no resistance. This unfortunate fact resulted in me engaging in what I call “Food Substance Abuse” or “FSA”.

A Paradigm Shift

The How to Overcome Emotional Eating in 21 Days course is the basic application of sound spiritual principles, acquisition of life skills, and employment of logic and reasoning to further your stated life goals. After completing the intensive study portion of the 6-week course, you will have an opportunity to practice your new skills during the 21-day implementation stage. 

Crushing the Difficulty

Women of African Descent often deal with numerous stress factors daily. It could range from challenges associated with single parenting, a high amount of school loans, relentless debt collectors, poor job security, unfulfilling employment, limited or no romantic prospects, racial discrimination, housing insecurity, and an expanding waistline, coupled with other health conditions. It’s no wonder that food has become their drug of choice. These challenges are hard to face alone which is exactly why my course, How to Overcome Emotional Eating in 21 Days: A Paradigm Shift is vital and necessary for them because it works.

Food Substance Abuse

FSA is a term I coined to describe the habitual consumption of food to cope with feelings or alter one’s mood and this habit significantly interferes with, or impairs one’s ability to perform necessary life functions like cleaning, organizing, exercising, paying bills, engaging others, and working. It can develop into other more serious health issues like obesity, joint pain, high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes.

My Approach


Qourse Delivered Live Online


Private Community FACEBOOK Group


Weekly Meetings Held on Mondays


Spiritual Work Sessions Held on Wednesdays


Other surprises along the way”

Course Syllabus

Week 1:

Emotional Eating – The Overview

Week 2:

Sankofa Rising™: A Historical Perspective

Week 3:

Environmental Scan: Politics, Poverty and Pollution

Week 4:

You Are A Divine Machine

Week 5:

Overstanding Cycles

Week 6:

Divine Health Mindset

Week 7:

Preparation Phase & Course Review

Week 8:

Implementation Phase 1: Employ The Tools

Week 9:

Implementation Phase 2: Employ The Tools

Week 10:

Implementation Phase 3: Employ The Tools & Perpetuate The Work

Installment Plans Available Plus An Early Bird Discount* Equal to $100 Off!


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Charlene Harrison Scholarship

Do you want to be a part of this course but can’t seem to make it possible in your limited budget? Nothing should hold you back from embarking on your divine journey. We offer scholarships to worthy applicants based on need. Find out more about the Charlene Harrison Scholarship below.

More Details

The Charlene Harrison Scholarship honors the living legacy of a woman who personifies what it means to be a Queen. Ms. Charlene embodies all the qualities of a Daughter of the Most High. She mastered the art of giving. Her compassionate heart coupled with her fiercely independent spirit and abundant life mindset once afforded me (and other women like me) an opportunity to fulfill my dream!

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