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Food Arrogance is the unconscious belief system that drives our behaviors and makes us believe that all of the wonderful, fresh produce currently in our refrigerators is simply not good enough right now. And instead- it makes us feel compelled (or entitled) to head straight to the local junk food outlet, Chinse ‘food’ carry -out or fast foodrestaurant to place an order full of unhealth options.

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Your Guide to Fitness and Nutrition through Vegan Soul Food

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Start Your Journey to Healthy Living with a Detox Program Design Just for you!

The health needs of women who cook and love soul food have been overlooked for far too long.

After struggling with my weight and looks for years, I’ve realized that the path to healthy living, a sound mind, and self-love is through healthy living with a plant-based diet.

With my soul food inspired women’s health book, I’m on a mission to create a mindset shift in the women who have historicaly struggled to balance their love of soul food recipes with their desire to eat healthier. A 3-Day ‘REBOOT’ (if you will) that allows us to achieve optimal mental, spiritual, and physical health on our own or with our entire families (by the way – kids love cooking and eating Divinity Soup too!).

My healthy recipes and comple detox program with a book will help you break your unhealthy relationship with food, get started on the journey to overcome emotional eating, and take the first step to overcome anxieties associated with body image issues.

My soul food vegan gluten-free detox program with schedules, recipes, prompts, charts and surveys is so much better that a mere cookbook! It has a variety of plant-based recipes like the mouthwatering collard green Divinity soup recipe to help you with fitness and nutrition. Place an order for my healthy eating recipe detox book and start your plant-based diet with delicious and easy recipes today!