Journey to Divine Health

Empowering Black Women to Achieve Optimal Mental, Spiritual & Physical Health

Welcome to Sheila Brown Speaks!

The road to Divine Health is paved with more than intentions to eat better and exercise, but with specific steps that lead to positive habits that strengthen the body, mind and the soul.

My mission is to create a mindset shift  toward a state of divine health in women of African descent (WOAD) and to remind them that they are precious daughter of the Most High.

Divine Health is the state of being in excellent physical condition, possessing a sound mind, and maintaining spiritual balance at any age, with prayer and meditation; juicing and fasting; positive thoughts and affirmations; physical activity; and, consuming plant-based food.

In 2016, I had a breakthrough that moved me to confront my unhealthy relationship with food. I was forced to address issues that I had unknowingly suppressed from my past-some as early as childhood-that prohibited me from achieving my goals and undermined my health.

Using the same powerful strategies and techniques that enabled me to shed 130 lbs and years of negative habits, I now hope to empower other sisters who seek to identify, confront, and overcome their own anxieties and issues associated with food and their bodies.

in this age of fast food & fast living, I’m here to guide you to a life that honors your body and soul. we'll start With a soup that's as rich as its story. divinity souP will feed your body & Satisfy your soul. remember, Divine health is not just physical fitness. It’s mental and spiritual health as well.


An Ancestor-Inspired Recipe Starring Collard Greens

Download my free 20-page e-book to jump start your divine health journey, starting with Divinity Soup. Learn the story behind this family tradition. This e-book is full-color and packed full of delicious photos.

Sheila Brown is such an inspiration and I am glad to have learned more about her journey in her book, Divinity Soup. I’ve been working out daily but have been struggling to lose weight. I know that it’s due to my eating habits but I wasn’t sure exactly where to begin to change my food choices. Divinity Soup was the kick-start that I needed and I look forward to more books and recipes from Ms. Brown!

Jenn F., Washington DC

The Road to Divine Health

I believe that weight loss isn’t just about controlling what you eat. It’s about understanding why you eat and changing bad habits associated with overeating or eating the wrong kind of food.

I hope to shift the mindset that many WOAD have surrounding food, body image and weight loss. I am dedicated to providing  women the same effective tools and educational resources  I used to make better food choices, improve my health, and to overturn self-limiting beliefs.

Sometimes Raw Cookbook

From this day forward, eating a plant-based diet is going to be easier. Author, Speaker and Personal Health Consultant, Sheila Brown has written a cookbook full of tasty, life-affirming recipes that will have many sisters wondering why they haven’t eaten like this before now. Her vegan, gluten-free, nutrient-dense recipes are packed with flavor!

Sometimes Raw, Sometimes Cooked, Always Divinely Prepared” is an investment that can save you potentially hundreds of dollars a year on organic produce! By using a a simple household ingredient (that’s probably in your kitchen right now) this book explains how to remove 96% or more of the pesky, pesticides commonly associated with conventional vegetables. More important, you’ll discover the secret to making “divinely-prepared” meals that will satisfy both the physical and spiritual aspects of your hunger.

Welcome to Sheila Brown Speaks!

I am so excited for this opportunity to share my life's passion with you-working to uplift, restore and heal the daughters of the Most High by assisting them first on their journey to a state of divine health! All other matters of concern will fall into order from...

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The Importance of a Divine Health Manifesto

Women of African Descent (WOAD) are bombarded with negative images through television shows, movies, music videos, and of course news reports from mainstream media. Sometimes these platforms depict WOAD as superficial, ignorant, materialistic or immoral. Other times...

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Our bodies are a gift from God, a divine machine for you to fulfill your purpose!

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